Legal Information

Important information:

The respectively valid sales prospectus including the conractual terms and conditions together with the most recent management report and/or half-yearly report of the fund form the sole basis for purchasing unit shares in an investment fund. You can obtain these documents directly from the Union Investment Company or from our sales partners.

Contents of Reports:

All statements in our Internet presentations are based on the current legal and tax regulations. However, future changes to the laws cannot be foreseen and could lead to other results. The information on the Web site is researched and produced with great prudence. However, Union Investment provides no guarantee for the accuracy of these statements. Any liability shall be limited to gross negligence.

Statements do not constitute an offer or a recommendation to acquire certain investment products. This is also the case for the description of individual equities or issuers. Our information cannot replace advice tailored to the specifics of the particular investor or investment. We would therefore request that you contact your local bank client officer should you have further questions.

Sales limitations:

In many countries, until such a time as the management company of the special fund has advised the local supervisory officials of its operations or the necessary permission has been received from the supervisory authorities responsible, it is forbidden for it to distribute the information presented on our Web site or offer unit shares in investment funds for sale. To the extent that such advice has not been filed/permission not granted, the statements on the Union Investment Web site should not be considered as constituting an offer to acquire such unit shares. Should you be interested in purchasing such unit shares, we would advise you to contact one of our sales partners or contact Union Investment directly.


Details on past investment achievements are no guarantee for future performance. The performance may actually be better or worst than in the past. Unless stated otherwise, information on previous performance is based on calculations made according to the German BVI method. In other words, the calculation is based on reinvestment of the entire disbursement (cash distribution including any tax credits) at the value of the unit share and without taking tax considerations into account.

Sale of share units to US citizens or within the United States:

The information mentioned here and the funds managed by Union Investment are not for sale in the United States and are not meant for US citizens. This applies to persons of US citizenship as well as persons who are resident in the United States. Furthermore, this ruling also applies to partnerships and corporations established under the laws of the United States of America or one of its federal states, territories or an overseas possession.

Third-party statements:

Should the Union Investment Web site have been activated through hyperlinks from another Web site, Union investment takes no responsibility for either the connection or the content of third-party Web sites. Should Union Investment refer to the Web site of a third party in its own Web site, then Union Investment likewise assumes no liability for the content and authenticity of the statements there.


We would like to supply you with updated prices for unit shares in our funds by 6 p.m. at the latest on each new trading day. However, as extensive calculations and methods are involved in computing them, delays are possible owing, for example, to through transmission errors, systems downtime, or holidays in other countries. In such cases we ask for your understanding. No guarantee is offered for prices stated.


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