Our investment approach: Active Management

Why Active Management?

1. Inefficient capital markets

First, in practice, capital markets are not always perfectly efficient for a variety of reasons. Our credo is to create added value in performance. Not every product can fully live up to this principle in every market phase. But the benefits of active management pay off in the long run.

2. Consistent risk management

Second, active asset management also means consistent and comprehensive risk management at all stages of the investment process. Our forward-looking approach to diversifying and reducing risk and our role as an active shareholder (keyword: engagement) distinguish us as a responsible investor in the sense of sustainability.

3. Responsible actor

And third, functioning capital markets require rational and responsible actors.

We provide services across regions and sectors:

in equity portfolio management a fundamental active bottom-up approach...

in fixed income management the classic use of the top-down approach...

80 %
of our portfolio managers' time is spent on research to ensure our fundamental approach is consistently applied.


As at 21 May 2019