Capital Preservation

Capital Preservation Strategies – the IMMUNO and KONVEXO Concepts

Union Investment is one of the leaders in the management of asymmetric risk strategies for institutional investors offering a range of innovative solutions. 

Our Approach

We implement an asymmetric approach to portfolios where active positions are integrated into an investor’s risk limit. We offer two asymmetric capital preservation strategies.

IMMUNO – a rigid approach which ensures that we maintain virtually 100 per cent of the agreed capital preservation level.

KONVEXO – lower confidence levels allow for higher allocation to riskier asset classes. This offers more flexibility as required to adapt to individual needs and does not set fixed minimum capital values.

Our Team

A team of 52 specialised portfolio managers is constantly developing innovative capital preservation strategies.

Our Expertise

We have been a successful provider of capital preservation concepts for institutional clients since 1995. Our continuous investment in research and development since then has resulted in unparalleled in-house expertise.

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Your contact person

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