Our differences broaden our horizons.

Cultural, social and ethnic diversity

We want to attract the candidates with the best qualifications, and to do so we promote and value different cultural perspectives. This is how we provide the basis for tolerance, creativity and development.

We have created an environment without prejudice based on the principle of mutual respect. In doing so, we have laid the foundation for a working environment in which cultural, ethnic and social diversity contributes to innovation and growth. We learn and benefit from the different experiences, perspectives and approaches that employees bring to the company.

We look for the most-talented individuals

We select the best candidates based on their work-related and personal skills.

Cultural, social, ethnic or religious backgrounds are immaterial to us, instead we focus on performance, team spirit, fairness and a sense of responsibility. We believe that the diversity of the society in which we operate should be reflected in our teams. We are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals and new perspectives and experiences, and we create an environment in which our employees are supported and appreciated, regardless of their individual backgrounds.

“Our society is diverse, and it is only natural that our company should reflect this. Talent is not determined by social or cultural background, nor by ethnicity. We champion an inclusive working culture in which people can contribute their own perspectives and skills in order to succeed together.”

Angela Maria Quiroga Manrique, ESG Analyst

The success of our working relationships relies on cultural diversity

A professional, collaborative and respectful approach forms the basis of our work as a team.

We promote a corporate culture that is open to diversity and that understands and appreciates it. Relations with employees, customers and partners are based on respect, fairness and the absence of prejudice. This shared system of values provides the solid footing on which successful collaboration can thrive. We value cultural differences and support them with the aim of improving our performance and innovative strength. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce helps us to adopt new perspectives and together make a positive contribution to society and economic growth.

Adam Irányi Head of Investment Management Europe 2

“Diversity is the basis for long-term success. Considering and valuing different perspectives is crucial to our business relationships with our partners and when breaking into new markets. By promoting diversity, we can increase our competitiveness in the domestic and international markets.”

Adam Irányi, Head of Investment Management Europe II